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Types of Trees Native to Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a diverse forest region. Its climate and soil support the growth of a vast variety of trees and plants. South shore currents moderate the climate and create the conditions to provide a natural habitat for a variety of tree species in this region. Varying arborary growth all across the Rhode Island gives picturesque views of the country when someone travels the region from one town to another.

Types of Native Trees found in Rhode Island

The types of trees native to Rhode Island are listed below, full descriptions are towards the bottom of the page:

Full Breakdown

  • Oaks

Oak Tree

Many types of oaks, such as white oaks, swamp white oaks, post oaks, chestnut oaks, red oaks, black oaks, scarlet oaks, pin oaks, etc. grow in the Rhode Island region.

Most of the top species of oaks found in the United States are native to the Rhode Island area. White oaks are considered to be the finest variety of oaks, and they can be found here in abundance. Swamp white oaks grow in some parts of the state. These trees grow best on the springy and moist grounds.

  • Hickory

hickory tree

Hickory varieties such as shagbark, mockernut, pignut and bitter-nut can be found here. Hickories are known for their strength and tenacity.

Shagbarks are known for their valuable nuts. Different shagbark types produce nuts of varying size, sweetness, and other characteristics. Pignut hickory trees grow very tall, beautiful and symmetrical. It burns well, and it is preferred for bonfires or smoking various meats.

  • Elm

Elm Tree

White elms, slippery elms, and false elms grow in the forests of Rhode Island. These trees are great feeders, and they can send their roots very far for nutrients, sometimes even a hundred yards away. They are well adapted for wide avenues, but should not be planted where enough room will not be available for their roots to spread.

  • Maple

maple tree

Maple varieties such as rock maple, red maple, and white maple grow on the Rhode Island in abundance. More than ten varieties of maple grow in the state.

Rock or Sugar Maple is considered to be the most useful of all the varieties for its sweet characteristics. It looks beautiful in all stages of its life, and people like to grow it in their gardens and on the sides of the streets.

Red Maple or Soft Maple is very common in the state, and it shows amazing color patterns in the autumn. Its wood is used for toys, light fittings, but it does not have a very high calorific value so seldom used as a fuel.

  • Birch

Birch trees such as black birch, yellow birch, gray birch and canoe birch can be found in this region. Birches produce a beautiful scenery, and they are commonly used as a fuel. These trees seed abundantly and grow very rapidly.

  • Ash

Ash Tree

White and Black Ash grow in the Rhode Island region. Ash trees of the state are considered highly valuable for their wood. Ash wood is known for its strength, elasticity, durability, toughness and smoothness. White Ash trees look attractive wherever they grow.

  • Beech

Beech Tree

American beech and blue beech can found in here. Woods from the beech trees is used as a stock for military rifles when other preferable wood is not available. Beechwood is also good for fire and can be burned for smoking meat. Branches can also be distilled that can be used to produce an antiseptic tar to heal wounds.

  • Cherry

Cherry Tree

Black cherry and red cherry trees can be found in the Rhode Island forests. They add considerably to the scenic beauty of the landscape wherever they grow.

  • Poplar

Poplar Tree

Aspen Poplar and Large poplar can be found in this region. Poplar’s woods are soft, light and not a good fuel for the fire at all. However, certain poplars have enough tensile strength while being light; it is used for making boxes for carriage. Another common use of poplars is the production of plywood.

  • Pine

Pine Tree

White pine, pitch pine, and Norway pine trees can be found in the forest of Rhode Island. Pine wood is used to manufacture highly expensive furniture. Besides that, pine needles have many medicinal uses like treating fever or providing Vitamin C to the body. The bark of many pine trees is antiseptic and can be applied on the wounds after making a paste.

  • Cedar

Cedar Tree

Red Cedar and White Cedar trees grow in many areas of Rhode Island. Cedar trees grow very tall and picturesque to look. Cedar wood has been used as a ship building material for centuries. Cedar wood is also a good fuel for the fire. Cedar oil has therapeutic properties, and it is utilized for a variety of purposes from treating skin diseases to relieving joint pains.

To Sum Up

The variety of soils of the region produces a huge range of trees. Innumerable uses of such a diverse forestland make it an area of tremendous economic value.

Rhode Island Forests are a delight to the eyes and a rich woodland that offers humanity almost everything that it needs.  At we are happy to help service these wonderful trees all throughout the year.


Winter Care for Your Trees and Shrubs in Rhode Island

Protecting your trees and shrubs in the winter is of utmost importance since these are amongst the most significant investments that you have in the landscape. It is feasible for the vegetation to lose a considerable amount of water due to the cold winter conditions. During this time of the year, both needles, as well as broadleaf evergreens, are going to lose water from their leaves. The plants find it very difficult to replace the water by uptake from the soil through their roots since the soil becomes dry or frozen.

Consequently, it might lead to a considerable damage to the branches and the leaves. One solution for this problem will be to spray the evergreens with any anti-desiccant which will form a clear, soft film covering the leaves and thus protect the trees from any kind of damage. In the colder regions, one should spray the tender broadleaf evergreens such as Camellias with any top-quality anti-desiccant and then meticulously wrap in burlap for extra protection.

Shrubs and Other Plants

Winter can wreak havoc on flowers and other plants, as well as your trees.

Winter can wreak havoc on flowers and other plants, as well as your trees.

Your gorgeous roses might get damaged due to the extreme cold temperatures during winter. You must tip back any long cane which may be whipped around because of the wind. Furthermore, this type of pruning will also prevent the roses from breaking as a result of a buildup of snow or ice. There is no need for performing any major pruning at this time – it is recommended to wait until spring for doing that.

Deer and Other Issues

With the arrival of the winter, there is a shortage in the supply of food for the deer. During these cold months, the deer will not mind eating even the dry thorny stems of the roses. Fortunately, you will find quite a few products on the market that will assist you to keep the deer away. It is highly recommended to make use of alternate repellents throughout the season.

However, the deer will eventually get accustomed to these repellents and these products will not be effective anymore. To combat this problem you should switch to different repellents every few weeks. Another solution to prevent the hungry deer from consuming your trees would be fencing. Some virtually invisible deer fencing are available in the market and you can use these to keep the deer out of your landscaping.

Voles are often responsible for doing a considerable amount of damage to your ornamental trees, fruits trees and also shrubs. Both meadow voles, as well as pine voles, can harm the trees and shrubs. A heavy covering of grass can provide an excellent cover for the voles. It is suggested to mow the grass around the trees, particularly the fruit trees for the best results.


4 Tips for Hiring a Tree Service Professional in RI

Trees play a very vital role in your home in RI. They do not only make your home beautiful, but also add its value. Because of their high importance in your home, it is good to ensure that you hire a professional to provide different tree services such as pruning, cutting, trimming, maintenance and others. There are many professionals in RI, but not all of them can offer you high quality services. This is why it is important to take your time and ensure that you work with the best. To help you in the process, here are some tips for hiring a tree service professional in Rhode Island.

Check insurance certificates

Providing tree services is a process that poses certain risks both to your home and the professional. When the professional is working on your trees there are risks of damages from occurring in your home. In addition, there are also chances of injuries from occurring. You need to work with a professional service with a liability insurance cover. This ensures that you are protected from all liabilities that might occur in the process. You also have peace of mind that you do not incur extra costs in case such things occur when the professional is offering you the different tree services.

Consider experience and qualifications

Tree care professionals perform some pretty advanced services, so making sure they have experience is crucial.

Tree care professionals perform some pretty advanced services, so making sure they have experience is crucial.

You should only hire a professional tree service in RI with more than five years of experience. They should also have experts who have the right certifications and training on how to offer different tree services. Be specific during the selection process and ensure that you hire professional with great skills in the specific tree services that you need. With such experts you can be assured of getting highly satisfactory results regardless of the complexity or size of your project.


As you do your search, you will realize that cost charged vary from one tree service to the other. This is why it is important for you to take your time to look for the one that charges the most reasonable and affordable price. Do not go for the cheapest ones because they might not have the right qualifications and experience. Great tree services will not charge very low price because they have trust and confidence with the results they provide.


It is advisable to work with a tree service professional available on 24/7 basis. This is necessary because you might need help on emergency basis. They should also offer you a number to call in case of such emergencies.

The tree care professionals at Rhode Island Tree Care will be happy to answer any questions you may have about these or any other concerns.  Give us a call today to discuss!


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