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Print out the empty tree cross sections and draw rings to show the different conditions each tree has lived through.

#1: This tree lived through 1 year of good rainfall, 2 years of drought, and 1 year of crowding by nearby trees. Then the nearby trees were cut down and the tree lived through 2 years of good rainfall.
Click here for answer.

#2: This tree has lived as long as you! The first half of its life it had good rainfall and the second half of its life was a drought. (You need to use an even number to solve this one. So if your age is an odd number, round up or down to the even-numbered age you are closest to. For example, if you are 9 years and 7 months old, round up to 10. And if you are 9 years and 3 months old, round down to 8.)
Click here for answer.

Click here to display the empty tree cross section so you can print it out.


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