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Safe tree trimming

Professional tree trimmerThe law requires electric utilities to keep trees trimmed so they remain a safe distance away from high-voltage power lines. This helps keep people from being injured if they climb or work in trees next to power lines. Trimming trees next to power lines also prevents fires that can result if tree branches contact lines. Utilities hire special professional tree trimmers to do this work.

These people are certified line clearance trimmers, which means they have many months of training so they can work safely near power lines. They know how to cut tree branches to make sure they won't fall on nearby lines. And they use special pruners, climbing ropes, and bucket trucks made of materials that do not conduct electricity.

No one but certified tree trimmers should trim trees next to power lines! If your parents or another adult you know needs to trim a tree next to a power line, ask them to call PG&E first, at 1-800-PGE-5000.



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