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Top 10 Tips

Here are the top 10 tips for staying safe around trees and power lines.

1. Never climb in or play in trees that are growing next to power lines.

2. Never touch a power line with your hand or with any other object.

3. Don't build a tree house or anything else in a tree that is next to power lines.

4. Never climb power poles or steel towers that have electric wires attached to them.

5. Fly kites in open areas, far from overhead power lines.

6. Tell an adult if you see trees growing close to high-voltage power lines or contacting these lines.

7. If you see a fallen power line, stay away and tell an adult immediately. Even if they are not sparking or humming, fallen lines can kill you if you touch them or the ground nearby.

8. Never trim a tree next to a high-voltage power line. Certified professional tree trimmers are the only ones allowed to trim trees near high-voltage lines.

9. Plant trees that will not grow tall or wide enough to contact nearby power lines.

10. Before planting a tree, call 1-800-227-2600 to make sure you won't contact underground power lines.


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